Making a perfect quilt
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Making a perfect quilt

My grandmother was an amazing quilt maker. I was too silly and impatient when I was a kid to learn from her which is a little sad because these days her hands are much more shaky and she has trouble showing me how to sew some of the more intricate sections. She loves sitting with me while I sew though, and when we get stuck we head online and find videos I can watch of the quilting techniques I need. It's great to be able to share crafting time with her. This blog shows the projects we work on together.


Making a perfect quilt

Frame Your Memories: The Benefits of Custom Picture Framing for Your Home Decor

Daniel Saez

Custom picture framing is an excellent way to add a personalised touch to your home décor. It's a cost-effective and creative way to showcase your cherished memories and artistic tastes. Here are some reasons why you should consider custom picture framing for your home and the options available to you: 

Why Use Custom Picture Framing? 

Custom picture framing offers several benefits over standard, off-the-shelf frames. First and foremost, custom framing allows you to select the frame, matting and glass options that best suit your artwork and personal style. This gives you the ability to tailor your framing to the specific needs of your piece, rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all solution. Custom framing also allows you to choose from a wider range of sizes and finishes, giving you more flexibility in how you display your artwork. 

Options Available to You 

When it comes to custom picture framing, the options available to you are almost endless. You can choose from a wide range of materials, including wood, metal and plastic, in various finishes and colours. You can also select from a variety of matting options, including single or multiple mats in various colours, textures and designs. The type of glass you choose is also an important consideration, as it can impact the clarity and protection of your artwork. 

In addition to these basic options, there are also many creative framing techniques and design options available to you. For example, you can add decorative corners or fillets to your frame, or use a shadow box frame to add depth and dimension to your artwork. You can also create unique collages or arrangements by combining multiple pieces of artwork into a single frame. 

Making Your Own 

On the other hand, making your own frame is also a fun, creative and rewarding option. You can have full control over the design and materials used, and it can also help save you money, as professional framing services can be expensive. Tools and materials that you will need can be accessed at your local craft and hobby supplier. However, if you're not confident in your woodworking or crafting abilities, it's best to leave the job to a professional framing expert. 

Custom picture framing is a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor while also enhancing the value and longevity of your artwork. With a wide range of materials, design options and framing techniques available, you can create a truly unique and beautiful display that reflects your individual style and tastes. If choosing a framing professional, be sure to look for someone who has experience, expertise and a good reputation for quality and service. By taking these steps, you can enjoy the many benefits of custom picture framing and create a beautiful and personalised display in your home. Talk to your local framing service if you're interested in custom picture framing.