Making a perfect quilt
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Making a perfect quilt

My grandmother was an amazing quilt maker. I was too silly and impatient when I was a kid to learn from her which is a little sad because these days her hands are much more shaky and she has trouble showing me how to sew some of the more intricate sections. She loves sitting with me while I sew though, and when we get stuck we head online and find videos I can watch of the quilting techniques I need. It's great to be able to share crafting time with her. This blog shows the projects we work on together.


Making a perfect quilt

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Picture Framing Services Online

Daniel Saez

Few items add character to a room like custom-framed wall art. Unfortunately, most homeowners treat wall art as an afterthought during interior design and only settle for off-the-shelf frames. That said, getting custom frames for your wall art is easy, thanks to online stores. Notably, online framers can work on your piece based on the instructions you provide. However, you should avoid mistakes when ordering custom frames online, especially if you want your wall art to mesh with your existing space. This article highlights common mistakes to avoid when ordering custom picture framing,

Adding Unnecessary Elements — Often, people believe that custom picture framing is expensive and settle for unnecessary features on their frames. The only way out is to select custom framing elements wisely. For instance, do you need a frame glass cover with UV reduction properties? If you plan to hang wall art under direct sunlight, you need such a frame glass cover. However, most wall arts are mounted away from direct sunlight; hence, a UV reducing glass would be redundant. Similarly, do not choose decorative matting, such as the expensive purified wood pulp grades, when cardboard would do the same job at a reasonable price.

Tinkering too Much with Sizes — Part of customising picture frames is selecting a suitable size for a picture or artwork. Therefore, you must choose a frame size before placing your order. However, just because an online store allows you to select a custom size for a frame does not mean you should do it. If you start tinkering with custom sizes, the chances are high that you will end up with a custom frame a couple of millimetres smaller or bigger. Therefore, leave size selection to professionals. First, however, you must send your artwork to a framer so that they can establish the correct frame size.

Relying on Computer Colour — Online stores have made things easy for consumers because you can order anything from anywhere at any time. However, you should be careful when ordering coloured custom picture frames from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The colour you see on a screen is not the same hue on an actual picture frame. Therefore, it is easy to order the wrong colour for a picture frame, which can impact a room's interior design. Thus, you should order a custom frame sample to know what to expect, depending on factors such as lighting.