Making a perfect quilt
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Making a perfect quilt

My grandmother was an amazing quilt maker. I was too silly and impatient when I was a kid to learn from her which is a little sad because these days her hands are much more shaky and she has trouble showing me how to sew some of the more intricate sections. She loves sitting with me while I sew though, and when we get stuck we head online and find videos I can watch of the quilting techniques I need. It's great to be able to share crafting time with her. This blog shows the projects we work on together.


Making a perfect quilt

What to Look for When Buying Soft Toys for Your Little One

Daniel Saez

If you are out shopping for toys for your little one, soft toys are an excellent option. These toys are soft and visually appealing with a variety of colours as well as attractive designs. However, for these toys to create the perfect experience for your kid, you must know the right type of soft toy for your child. This means you have to keep in mind many health and social factors. That is, while toys can be helpful for your child, they should be safe and appropriate for them too. For this reason, here are some of the things you need to check when buying a soft toy.

Age Appropriateness

Different soft toys are suitable for different ages, and you need to have the most appropriate one for your child. For instance, for a toddler, try looking for brightly coloured toys with shorter fur. Moreover, they should have sound and light fixtures that can get the attention of the child. Make sure that these fixtures and accessories are secured well within the toy so that they can't be removed easily and be eaten. For pre-schoolers, choose a toy that will represent their favourite animals or characters.

Safe Construction

You need to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the toy you are buying will not be harmful to your kid. First, avoid toys with hard noses and eyes, especially for toddlers and pre-schoolers, because they can easily pull them off and attempt to swallow them. This is because even if these hard features are hardened and securely fastened to the toys, continual use of the toy may loosen these features, making them easy to be pulled off. Consider the seam strength as well, because split seams on the soft toys can make it easy for the stuffing to come out and pose choking hazards. Make sure you inquire from the soft toys distributor or vendor about the stitch density and seam allowance of the soft toys.

Check for any wires and ask your vendor whether they have a needle policy where the toys pass through metal detection.

Choice of Fabric

The choice of fabric is also important, and you will first want to choose a fire retardant fabric. For kids about a year old, avoid fabric with a long pile (raised surface of a fabric) because loose fibres can result in choking hazards. For washability and softness of the toys, consider going for cotton fabric.